Digital Marketing For Jewellery Business: Grow Like Never Before

Digital Marketing for Jewellery business? If you are one of them who thinks that Jewellery business can’t be online, then read this blog and till the end and you will get to know that digital marketing can rapidly increase your sales and brand value. The best part about internet marketing is that whether your business is new or old it is for everyone and gives a great result.

When it comes to digital marketing for jewellery business, first you have to build trust in your customer’s mind because no one wants to invest money on the untrusted brand, especially if it is a jewellery brand. So here in this blog, I am going to give you a jewellery marketing strategy that will boost your business.

A Great Website For Your Jewellery Business

In this “Digital Marketing For Jewellery Business strategy”, the first and most important requirement is having a website for your jewellery brand.

Website is a basic requirement for any business. In today’s era, A website plays a very essential role in any business. For a jewellery brand, you must have an eCommerce website, your customers can visit it, and buy products from there, they can give reviews there, and check your latest products.

Website for a jewellery brand - Digital Marketing For Jewellery

You can also sale your products on big eCommerce stores like Amazon and Flipkart, you may get sales there but it will not help to increase your brand values. You must have an attractive website for your jewellery business. You can do one thing that is you can use Flipkart and Amazon with your eCommerce website. It is definitely a great way to grow your business by digital marketing for jewellery business.

Now the question is that once you have created a website how can you get sales?

Get sales for ECommerce Website

Getting a sale directly after creating a website is not easy, most people simply build a website and wait for orders and sometimes they get demotivated and then stop thinking about it. Website building is only half the work, now you have to work on sales. To increase sales for your jewellery business, you have 3 options:

  • Ads
  • SEO
  • Share and get orders

Get Sales By Ads

Advertising is a very popular way to increase sales, you will have different types of ads such as brand awareness, lead generation, traffic and so on. Every type of advertisement has its own goal, so you have to decide which target is suitable for your brand and what are the results you want from these advertisements. There are 2 widely used platforms that allow you to run ads on their platforms.

  • Google ads for jewellery
  • Facebook ads for jewellery

Google Ads For Jewellery Business

Google Ads example image

Google Ads allow you to run ads on various platforms of the Google Network. You can run a Google Shopping ad to generate more sales, and it works well. In this shopping ad, Google directly promotes your product on its search result. You can check this screenshot for reference.

Facebook Ads For Jewellery Business

There is a saying that is; “You will regret every single dollar you did not spend on Facebook Ads.

This means that Facebook ads are so popular that if you set them correctly you will maximize your return on investment. Setting up an advertising campaign is like a trial and error method, you need to monitor your ads so that you can optimize them according to their performance.

facebook ads screenshot

It is not so easy to run these types of ads, because you have to keep testing your strategies until the best performance and you have to set different types of campaigns to re-target you audience.

As a business owner, working on these technical strategies can be difficult for you. You need someone who can run a digital marketing campaign for your jewellery business. So, YourWerbung is here, we can do everything for your business from website development to running best performing ads; Everything for your business.

Contact YourWerbung to get a digital marketing strategy for your jewellery business.

Influencer Marketing For Jewellery Business

In this “Digital Marketing for Jewelery Business Strategy”, another step that can turn your business into a bigger brand is to connect with an influencer.

Influencer marketing is the trend, it is a win-win situation for both brands and influencers. Before we discuss the influencer marketing strategy for Jewellery business. Let’s start from the beginning, In the influencer marketing, you have to contact to the influencers related to your brand. As you have a Jewellery business so most of your customers will be female customers. So you have to deal with a female influencer so that she can give you most of it. There are many ways to connect with an influencer. When you get connected with an influencer you can discuss with them how things will work. And how can you work together?

Increase Brand Value On The Internet

Increase brand value of a jewellery business

In this “Digital Marketing For Jewellery Business strategy”, another step that can bring more value to your brand is the correct use of Social Media. By using the right social media strategy, you can increase your brand value on the Internet. You can see Fevicol’s social media pages as the biggest example of this. Once you check their content, you will definitely be attracted to their content. They create content according to the trend, they create concepts by according to the trend and connect it to their brand, here is an example:

For jewellery business you can use some social media platforms to increase your brand value. Here is a list:

  • Facebook and Instagram
  • Pinterest
  • Youtube

Facebook And Instagram For A Jewellery Business

Facebook and Instagram are huge players as they can completely change your brand image if used well. Facebook and Instagram are entertainment and engagement based platforms, so try to engage your followers, upload product photos and other trends related to your business. You should hire a content creator or an agency that can create concepts for you and provide content to upload. When you have an audience-base, you can also generate sales from these platforms. So if you have patience then you can make a big game through Facebook and Instagram.

Pinterest For A Jewellery Business

Pinterest is an image-based platform where you can create categories in the form of boards and then upload pictures as pins. The best thing about Pinterest is that you can give a destination link to each image you upload. So that you can drive traffic directly from a particular image to a special product page on your website. Another best thing about Pinterest is that you can get a lot of traffic to your website from your Pinterest posts because whenever you search for something related to a picture, you will definitely see Pinterest in the search result, This means you can get visitors from there too, all you need is a strategy.

YouTube For A Jewellery Business

About 5 billion videos are watched daily on YouTube, so you can understand that YouTube is another biggest player in the Internet industry. YouTube has a large audience and you can get benefit from it in your business. But winning YouTube games is not easy, you have to put unique content to create your unique identity.

You can create awareness videos, your product promotion videos, and something related to your industry. There are some big brands that generate unlimited traffic through their YouTube channels. Use this platform properly and reap its benefits.

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Google Listing (Local SEO) For Jewellery Business

In this “Digital Marketing For Jewellery Business strategy”, the very basic but important step is to optimize your Google listing.

People think it is just an account, but trust me, Google listing is a great way to grab more attention from your local area. Google listing is not all about just creating an account on Google My Business, it is a process of ranking your business on google’s top search results in your local area.

Google My Business offers many features like products, new offers, photos, websites. You can use all these features and get many new customers daily. You can see in the screenshot below, one of our customers is getting 699% more attention than its rivals.

Google My Business for a jewellery business



This strategy is designed keeping in mind a common jewellery brand, there may be some changes in this “Digital Marketing for Jewellery Business” strategy according to the needs of your business. Digital marketing works for every business, only you have to choose the right strategy. Internet marketing is getting more powerful day-by-day, be the early bird and take advantages of digital marketing. Digital marketing for jewellery business can work like never before.

As we have huge experience in digital marketing. If you need any kind of help in digital marketing for jewellery business or any other business, we are here to help you in any term of digital marketing from graphic designing to SMM, web development, SEO and everything. We are with you, just fill this form below and we will get back to you.

If you are reading till this line this means I have cleared all of your doubts related to Digital Marketing for a Jewellery business, If you still have a doubt, just comment below. Let m: know: What are your opinions of this “Digital Marketing For Jewellery business” strategy.

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