Best ZERO-DOLLAR Branding Strategy for 2020

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What is a branding strategy?

Simply we can say that “Branding strategy is a set of techniques which are used to make a brand more powerful in the terms of people more awareness, reach, and searches.”

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In this ZERO-DOLLAR Branding Strategy, we will tell you how can you grow your business digitally without investing a single dollar. In this article you will get 2 strategies, and you have to follow both for the best results.

LinkedIn Business Growth Hack:

This strategy works two-sided, if you have a startup then you can improve yourself as a brand and at the same time your startup too.

LinkedIn changed its algorithm, this is the Golden Opportunity for businesses to grow online and connect to the industry leaders.

  • Here, in this strategy, You have to daily work on your personal LinkedIn account and build connections with the industry leaders.

After one month of daily work on your personal LinkedIn account, You will be able to build at least 300-600 (estimated) connections.

  • Create your business’ company profile on LinkedIn, and upload content regularly.

After one month of doing this, Invite your connections to follow your page. 


  1. Your personal LinkedIn account will be connected to 1000+ professionals in your field in just 2 months.
  2. You will get more opportunities to sell your product or services, because of LinkedIn.
  3. You will be more active on LinkedIn as compared to your competitors, So it will help you to grow more on the internet.

  To know what content you should upload, read next strategy.

How this Branding Strategy will work?

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Why are we using LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is specifically made for business people. It is the best platform to get more clients because there are a lot of people who need a good service or product.

Five-Way Branding Strategy:

In this branding strategy, We are going to tell you top five and best Social Media Platforms, and how to use them? to generate more awareness?

five way branding strategy

This is the very basic but very useful strategy, It will be used to maintain the organic growth of your Social Media Pages and your website. Social Media Management is must needed for branding purposes.

To execute this strategy you need 5 accounts for your business: Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Twitter.

Before you start uploading content you need to do one thing, just connect your Facebook page with your Instagram Business Profile and Connect your Instagram Business profile with Pinterest and turn on “Auto Update” on Pinterest.

LinkedIn Twitter Facebook Instagram Pinterest

The more content you provide, will help you to get more reach. If you can not upload regularly, then upload at-least 1 post in 2 days. And also use proper hashtags.

What content you should upload:

You can share knowledge related to your product or services or you can share posts based on graphic designs related to your business.

Content can be in the form of Image, Video and Text.

How to select hashtags?

Every platform has the word limit or hashtag limit. You can use this format to find hashtags.

30% hashtags = Related to your business

20% hashtags = Current Trend

30% hashtags = related to your product

10% hashtags = local hashtags (Ex. #Indore  #Indorian)

10% hashtags = local search (Ex. #DigitalMarketinginIndore)

Your content post size:

This always matters it shows how people can see your post at first impression, If your audience can not see your full post at first impression, chances are high that they will ignore your post. So, use the exact size for your content.

You can use the same size as Instagram post for LinkedIn.

These are the strategies that we are using for our clients and getting a good response. If you are using this then give us feedback.


1. Will these branding strategies work for any business?

Yes, These are the basics, but very powerfull strategies.

2. Is there any investment to follow these strategies?

No, There is no direct investment, It can cost you, if you hire a graphic designer or a content writer.

3. Can YourWerbung do this for me?

Of course we can do it for you, Just contact us for more details.

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