Digital Marketing for cafe: A Complete Guide

After this COVID-19 season, the food sector is one of those sectors which is affected very badly, but now cafes are open and slowly things are going back to normal. Like any other cafe owner, you may have thought about Digital Marketing for Cafe. How can you grow your cafe business with the help of Digital Marketing?

So here I came with the best strategy of digital marketing for cafe. This cafe promotion strategy will help you a lot to grow your cafe business online. If you need someone who can execute digital marketing strategies for your cafe then just contact us and we will be there for you with our best team and strategy.

firstly we will discuss the platforms which are important for your cafe and then we will go for the process of using these platforms. So let’s get started.

Social Media Presence Is Important

Everyone knows how social media plays a vital role in today’s world. It doesn’t matter what is your business if you want to enter the digital world, Social Media is the first thing that will give you a way to enter into it. As we are talking about Cafe’s Social Media Campaigns, first we need to know which social media platform we should use for a cafe?

Importance of Social Media - Digital Marketing for CAFE

For a cafe, I will recommend Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, and Twitter (Optional). Now let me explain to one-by-one why a cafe should use these social media platforms?

Facebook and Instagram

Facebook and Instagram are connected, you can not use all the features of Instagram without having a Facebook Page and Facebook and Instagram have 1.7 Billion daily active users. So these are very important platforms to increase your brand value and sales.


Whenever you search anything on Google related to any image, you will definitely see Pinterest in search results. So if you use Pinterest for your cafe branding, it would be a great platform to drive more traffic.


YouTube has a huge audience potential. Many big companies drive traffic through their YouTube channels and made big brand value. You can upload your kitchen stories and recipes on YouTube, in long term it will be beneficial for your brand.


Twitter, It can be an optional platform for a cafe if you are not interested, but big brands like Favicol, Paytm, Zomato, Swiggy have a great Twitter profile. So if you or your digital marketing team can write interesting tweets according to the trending section, then Twitter can increase your brand value rapidly.

If you do not want to use Twitter for your cafe then just create an account for your cafe on Twitter and use it for at least 10 days then leave it. It will make the presence of your cafe on that platform.

Make Local SEO More Strong

Before I tell you more about Digital Marketing for Cafe, Let me explain in shorts, What is Local SEO? Local SEO is based on some techniques that make your business listing more visible on Google searches as compared to your competitor.

importance of LOCAL SEO

The very first step to increasing local SEO for the cafe is, create a free account on all the listing platforms like Google My Business, Justdial etc. After creating account keep updating these platforms by your new offers etc. This is just basic info about Local SEO, It has huge tactics, for more help related to Digital Marketing for Cafe, just contact YourWerbung. You can hire an SEO expert who can do it for you because Local SEO takes time and if an expert is doing it, he will do it with more perfection.

An Attractive Website Multiplies Brand Value

If you have a decent cafe with some future goals, you must have an attractive website for your cafe because website builds trust and brand value to your brand, people from other states and countries will be able to know about your cafe, it can create chances to grow your brand in other states too. So, without thinking more, first, create a beautiful website for your cafe and start promoting it.

Website is Important in Digital Marketing for a CAFE

You can drive traffic to your website through Search Engine Optimization and from your social media accounts. It would be easier to convert traffic into customers or partners.

Basic Format Of A Cafe Website

If your cafe’s interior is unique and based on any theme like Kulhad, Jail, Bamboo etc, you can use this theme in your website too and if not then you can go for any other theme. A cafe website can have multiple pages like Home, Contact Us, About Us, Menu, franchise (If you offer franchise), Privacy Policy etc. If you also serve food on Swiggy and Zomato then do not forget to add a button on your cafe website to order from there.

This is a basic format for a cafe website, you can add more pages according to your choice and requirements.

Get an attractive, super-fast and fully responsive website for your cafe by our experts, just fill this form and get an inquiry.

Cafe Promotion Strategy

So I have explained platforms and some techniques of Digital Marketing For Cafe. Now I am going to give an overview of how can you execute the best strategy of digital marketing for cafe. All these platforms will work together and generate leads for your business.

Cafe Promotion Strategy

Ad Campaigns

Ad campaigns will play a crucial role in Digital Marketing of Cafe, If you have a small budget for ads you can go for social media ads only or if you have a decent budget then go for both Search Engine and Social Media ads.

Social Media Ads:

Social Media ads are shown on different social media platforms in the form of Image, Video.

For driving customers to your cafe you can run ads in 3-5 kilometres around your cafe location, and give them a coupon code in the ad so they can get some discount while ordering food from your cafe.

Social Media Ad format for cafe

For selling franchise, you can run “Franchise Opportunity Social Media Ads”, one more thing to remember while running your ads is that you can design ads for a particular city according to the specialization of that city, so you can get more attention.

For example, if you want to target Agra, Delhi, Mumbai, So design 3 different ads: For Agra, design something related to Taj-Mahal, For Delhi design something related to India Gate and so on. This will increase more attention to your ads.

Search Ads:

Search ads are shown when someone searches on google related to your targeted keyword.

Search Ads are keyword-based ads, if you are expert in keyword research you can maximize your leads in less investment. All you have to do is find keywords that are not so costly and more related to your target. Search ads are a bit more expensive as compared to Social Media Ads, but search ads generate quality leads, which can be converted easily.

Display Ads:

Display ads are shown on Google’s partner websites and also on YouTube.

Display ads are so underrated but impressive ads, you can use them and generate leads for your cafe business.

Content Strategy For Social Media Accounts

  • After creating all these accounts and website you have to regularly post content on all these social media accounts, share photos of your customers, Share photos of your cafe food, Share videos of your cafe, Ask customers to give a review on Google My Business.
  • You can hire a designer who can design posters for your social media accounts.
  • Use an attractive caption which can connect your post with your cafe and also use hashtags.
  • Interact with your customers on social media.
  • You can run a contest on social media and connect it to your website, where you can announce the result of the contest and the winner will get some discount.


Here I have explained the best strategies of Digital Marketing For Cafe, by using these strategies you can multiply your franchises. If you do not have enough technical knowledge to execute these strategies you can hire an agency. YourWerbung offers the best strategy of Digital Marketing for cafe, you can contact us for cost-efficient Digital Marketing Services.

These strategies are designed to keep in mind a basic cafe, For different cafes, there might have some changes in the strategies. Fill this contact form to get an inquiry.


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